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Archos 502036 Gen 9 | Archos 502036 Gen 9 Review

March 20, 2012

★ Archos 502036 Gen 9 ★ Archos 502036 Gen 9 Review ★

It seems that everyone from all corners of the globe want to get their hands on a tablet. These little mini laptops are the latest technology gadgets to go down at storm and offer the user excellent features with great mobility.

With some of the tablets in the marketplace you can enjoy similar features that, you would also find on a home computer or laptop and can surf the net, play games or watch films with the simple press of a button. The Archos 502036 Gen 9 is a very effective tablet which comes with many impressive features which include a superb 8″ large screen, 1.5GHZ processor for quick access, a huge 16GB of storage memory, Wi-Fi connectivity and access to the Android market.

  • 16GB Storage Memory
  • 1.5GHZ Processor
  • Android Market
  • 8″ Screen
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 1GB of Ram

Normally your biggest problem is in deciding which tablet to purchase, as there seems to be no end in the amount of these type of products arriving in the marketplace on a monthly basis. The Archos 502036 Gen 9 can offer you a truly unique user experience and comes with all of the latest tablet technology including access to numerous games through the Android market, 1GB of instant memory, a huge storage facility of 16GB, A 1.5GHZ processor for quicker access and browsing, Wi-Fi enabled for excellent mobility and an impressive 8″ viewing screen.

With any product be it a TV, home cinema system or tablet you want to deal with a company who have built up a good reputation and are preferably an established business. The Amazon company are certainly a name you can trust, as they are the biggest in the business and have a competitive price on the Archos 502036 Gen 9 currently and you also have their 30 day money back guarantee to fall back on.

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